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Strandkorb von Herrn Geyer in MünchenHello Mrs. Pries,

the beach chair arrived on Friday and everything went fine, though that was a precision job!


Uwe Geyer

Dear Mrs. Pries,

after a long winter period we released our beach chair into its natural environment putting it back into our garden.

Again I want to say thank you for all you have done. It´s great to have found a company, that takes care of its customers with personal engagement.

We all don´t want to do without our beach chair any longer - unfortunately my wife and I only rarely get the opportunity to make use of the beach chair, as our four children have occupied it for themselves. But there is much to be said for the robust quality of the beach chair, as it has survived the attacks of our "gang" so far.

We are looking forward to the hopefully many sunny hours in the forthcoming summer - and in our beach chair from "Strandkorb & Meer".

Best regards

Andreas Bauer

Ein Strandkorb auf dem Weg nach ÖsterreichDear Mrs. Corina Pries,

A defect truck in the Tauern tunnel prevented us from sitting in the beach chair already on Thursday. On the next day we had to postpone our grand opening to the afternoon, not because we had been sleeping for too long, but rather because our beauty appeared to be to broad for the door leading to our garden as well as for our entrance door to our first floor. For heaven´s sake I´m married with a skillful man owning suitable tools. He dismantled the beach chair into four parts and reconstructed the original state with the smallest amount of time one can imagine.

The pictures are illustrating that our new beach chair is already feeling comfortable in its new environment. We call it "Corina", as we owe it to your original homepage, the prompt fulfillment or our order and your fair pricing, that this extraordinary beauty from your home country now decorates our garden in Austria.

Greetings from Kärnten by

M.A. Heidrun Greif

PS.: The chief of transportation and photographer is also sending best wishes.

Dear Mrs. Pries,

recently I finally got an opportunity to check my beach chair. The weather then played a part and so I "put it into operation". Lying in the beach chair is even more beautiful than my imagination when thinking of my vacation. I´m completely satisfied and happy with my new beach chair.

At this point I want to say thank you again for the gentle and professional consultation in your shop. The fulfillemt of order and delivery was exemplary, too. The beach chair arrived just in time on my birthday - in front of my entrance door. For that I want to say thank you again.

Only now I could satisfy myself as to workmanship and difference in quality. Though there are many cheaper beach chairs in the internet or DIY centers - the difference in workmanship is remarkable and evident. Despite the a little higher costs compared to other beach chairs I´m now definitely sure, that it wasn´t the cheapest solution - but the best bargain (due to your relation of price and results).

Continue having fun and making good deals

Best regards

Werner Kastner, Ismaning

Bayern entdecken den StrandkorbHello Frau Pries,

as an attachment you receive photographs of our beach chair from our roof terrace.

Best regards

Iris Osper, Munich

Hello Mrs. Pries,

we made use of the first sun rays in our garden (and accompanying temperature compatible with beach chairs), giving our beach chair a wake-up call after its prescribed hibernation. This marked the beginning of huge efforts as to "unpacking" the beach chair: removing the beach chair jacket, cleaning, inserting the cushion set, and finally ...we sat down in our beach chair and enjoyed drinking the first cup of coffee in 2005 - in our own beach chair in the garden. We again congratulated ourselves on our decision from last year to allow ourselves the luxury of our own beach chair. Next we made a thorough after-winter inspection and fortunately couldn´t find any damages due to the weather...though it had been a hard, cold and long winter. So there is evidently much to be said about the quality, robust state and good workmanship of the used materials.

So from now on only the weather must play its part; we have to reserve a small piece of time to completely enjoy our beach chair (...) So we can get a maritime feeling even in Bavaria - and morover: not restricted to our vacation.

The Keßler-family , Kirchseeon.

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