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My story - how I became a beach chair seller

Bayern entdecken den Strandkorb

Hello dear visitor!

My name is Corina Pries. I am the owner of Strandkorb & Meer, a furniture retail company located in the east of Munich. For all, who donīt know this city at all: itīs the capital of Bavaria, one of the greater states in the south of Germany.

Munich is a city with more than 1,000,000 inhabitants. It has become famous for its yearly autumn festivities, internationally called "Oktoberfest", locally "Wiesn" (pronounced similar to "weazen", but not meaning it ;-) )

Munich is also well-known for its manifold and extraordinary nice architecture, many museums and cultural variety: yes, it´s a pleasant life here. Next summer (2006) the soccer world championship will be opened in Munich.

Some years ago I moved from a Northern part of Germany to Munich. But as a person born in the North, you always go back to your roots. I often visited my family, which still lives near Hannover in Northern Germany. One day I wanted to smell again the salty air of the coast.

When spending those days on the isle of Sylt with my partner, I from the beginning enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and easy going lifestyle. To be clear: then my life had nothing to do with garden furniture, beach chair design or something like that.

But staying on Sylt I especially became strongly impressed with the comfortable beach chairs that were lined up in hundreds along the beach. This solid and stable furniture protected me from stormy winds and let me take an undisturbed sunbath. And: you could even use them on your terrace or put them in your garden.

It didnīt take much time from then that I decided to establish a local store for traditional German beach chairs in Munich, though, as said before, the beach chairīs history originates ("strandkorb") in a north-eastern part of Germany. That meant we had to see if this enterprise would work in Munich, too. Of course a lot of work had to be done in the beginning, but by now we see incoming requests of prospects and purchases by customers not only from Munich or Bavaria but from all over the country.

In the meantime he have delivered the first beach-chairs to Greece, Great Britain and the USA. You may read some testimonials on our website.

On this website I show you a wide range of beach chairs with many design options. If you like to combine special fabrics, designs or woods, please request further information. I am glad to personally help you.

Have fun!

Corina Pries

PS: If you finally want my company to ship a beach chair to your home out of Germany or even overseas we ask you to contact us individually by email, phone or fax. So we can specify the details of customization and payments. The shipping costs added to the price of the beach chair depend heavily on the destination and must be calculated individually.

Individual questions?
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