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Modell Präsident® Alu

Modell Präsident Alu

"Präsident Alu" is the first beach chair all over the world with a maintainance-free aluminum frame. Its lifespan can hardly be surpassed. All around this beach chair you find extremely robust plastic mesh, weaved by hand. The frame itself is coated with a special powder and burned-in lacquer. But most people will not realize the aluminum construction, that, by the way, is available in four colors: white, green, blue and black.

"Präsident Alu" - represents an absolute fascinating combination of aesthetics and maintainance-free, easy to handle functionality. Amazing!

You will enjoy the same technical features as with our model "Präsident". Let´s repeat that:

Thanks to an excellent sliding technique for the so called V2A-fittings (made of high-grade steel), the upper part (basket) of the chair is infinitely adjustable. That means, that you don´t have to leave the beach chair to change your sitting, half-lying or lying position. With a "Präsident Alu", you always get a "full stretch-out"-version. Every time when the upper part of your "Präsident Alu" has been located in an inclined position, a high-tech spring ensures that you can simply and effortlessly fetch back the basket in an upright position.

The set of basic features is similar large, compared with the "Präsident"-model.

  • robust sunblind fabric
  • extra long footrests with solid ornamental strips made of wood
  • upholstered arm-rests
  • 2 grips, that can be turned down
  • 2 grips for the upper basket
  • ornamental strip made of exotic woods, located at the top of the upper basket.
    (optional with no extra cost: you may order instead of this feature a hand-made plait)
  • extra strong upholstery
  • an additional (second) coffee table
  • two footrests with adjustable height
  • blind, that can be fold up and turned down
  • an automatic self-lifting headrest, when lying in full-strech-out position.
  • the underpart of the beach chair has been stabilized against shocks with a a compassing aluminium strip. This protection prevents, that wooden parts quarry out, when people are moving the beach chair in one or another direction.
  • PE-Slider for easily moving your beach chair on your terrace or on another smooth area.

Seat cushions and cushions for back and feet can easily be replaced.

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