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Model Classic

Modell Classic

This robust and solid model with a soft curved shape ("Ostseeform") belongs to the most popular beach chair classics. It offers nearly unlimited variations and many basic furnishing features of high quality. So it has become the most successful model of the Sonnenpartner@-collection.

Following an old tradition, our joiners manufacture the frame of the Classic using well seasoned nordic timber. All the connections of wooden pieces are joined with grooves and springs. The pieces are glued together. Afterwards the complete waterproof construction will be immersed several times into a ecologically friendly fluid for wood preservation.

The mesh of our model Classic (weaved all around) is fixed by hand by our experienced basketmakers, the upper basket even weaved in one piece. This procedure guarantees the highest possible quality and stability.

Basic features of our model Classic are:

  • robust sunblind fabric
  • extra long footrests with solid ornamental strips
  • upholstered arm-rests
  • 2 grips, that can be turned down
  • 2 grips for the upper basket
  • strip of wood with a plait pattern, located at the top of the upper basket
  • blind, that can be fold up and turned down
  • the underpart of the beach chair has been stabilized against shocks with a a compassing aluminium strip. This protection prevents, that wooden parts quarry out, when people are moving the beach chair in one or another direction.

You can choose between two variants:

  • "half-lying position": you may stretch out your legs and comfortably lean back with the upper part of your body
  • "full-stretch-out": gives you the option to stretch out your body completely.

You also may selectone of two main types of mesh, plastic mesh or natural material.

Some special Classic beach chairs come with a massive teak timber. Several have a fine rattan mesh, others a plastic mesh with a rattan look. You will notice these differences in the specific descriptions for each beach chair when browsing the collection presented on this website.

The "Classic" beach chairs are available as 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater and 2-seater extra large. Seat cushions and cushions for back and feet can easily be replaced.

For many "Classic" beach chairs you will also find additional optional extras in the descriptions. To make sure, that you donīt order what you didnīt intended to buy, we have provided two price options, one including the optional extras, the other one excluding those add-ons.

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