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Beach chairs - basic models

We are glad to offer you five different models from the Sonnenpartner® collection: Classic, Senator ®, Konsul ®, Präsident ® und Präsident Alu ®.

When you click on one of the names of these basic models (please scroll down this page to the links), and you will get a more detailed description.

Another option is to get visual impressions of the beach chairs for your garden. Please click the line below to

--->    s e e    m a n y    b e a c h    c h a i r     p h o t o g r a p h s  

of these models with different variations in colour, fabric a.s.o.

All timbers utilized by SonnenPartner ® are well-seasoned and dry, glued together and waterproof.

Massive nordic timbers are used for Classic und Konsul ®. They have a long lifespan, after being immersed up to 3 times in fluids for wood protection.

Massive mahagoni-maranti is used for the visible timber parts. A thick glaze gives a dull-silky surface and luxurious outlook to the models Senator ® and Präsident ®.

Massive teak is the most precious timber we make use of and which is not treated with wood protection. It´s waterproof by itself, doesn´t rot, change or expand, even with extreme temperatures.

Click now on one of the links below. On the new pages you will get more information on the selected model.

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